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Chester White sow for sale. She has been exposed to a boar for the
past 2 months, and is therefore, assumably bred. She historically has
litters that average just over 12 pigs (5 litters total), with no
problems farrowing. She is an attentive mother, and ensures that her
pigs are off to a good start before weaning them. I have the family
lineage for this sow, but she is not currently papered.
I am asking $400 but am open to reasonable offers, and possibly a
partial trade (looking for dairy goats, preferably near freshening in
one direction or another).
I am also willing to do a package deal, with the boar she has been with. Search my name to find the posting.
Call Junay, , ; you can email, but I am
only able to check my email once or twice a week.
pig pigs trades goat goats weaner
Location: Silverton

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