10k Siberian Husky Young Male in Salem, Oregon

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House Husky Seeking Long Term Relationship10k is a 2 year old epic Husky mix. His DNA test revealed he is half Siberian Husky, and Malamute, Chow Chow, Shar Pei, Tibetan Mastiff, German Shepherd, Great Dane and Rottweiler. We know where his mother and sister wound up (but none of the rest of his family) - and his father provided all the mix, his mother is a Siberian Husky.He is very social, prefers men but loves everyone, including children, great house manners and a joy to get to know. Trust is earned with him, not given freely. He is affectionate, but not snuggly, he is independent, curious, and calm in the home. He rarely barks, but he does husky talk. He is both serious and goofy all at once. Prerequisites for adoption:Must have read or be willing to read: The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib and Dr Karen Becker DVM. It comes in audiobook form and we can provide an audiobook copy, please ask.Must have: an understanding of canine body language and how dogs learn.10k does best in a trust and consent based relationship and will not respond well to outdated theories and methods. We are not only a rescue, but also a canine education organization, familiarity with positive reinforcement techniques is required. We have detailed information for 10k, including his history. We support our adoptions with behavior support for their lifetime.10k is NOT compatible with small animals or farm animals. No cats, chickens, etc. He is good with other dogs, but can play a bit too rough with some smaller dogs, depending upon the small dog. 10k is a dog that you can develop a once in a lifetime, deep connection and relationship with, if the time is taken to build a bond based in trust, respect, love and honesty, and a good reinforcement history.10k will require ample outdoor exercise (1 hour at large off leash space on average), his best option is good long runs and sniff walks. We do not recommend dog parks or day cares for meeting his exercise needs, these environments tend to bring out the worst in dogs, especially in dogs ages 9-36 months, the teen times. 10k is not a dog that will thrive in a household where people are gone many hours a day and have little time to invest, he is an all in relationship kind of dog.With a new person, he will require a refresher in his training, the new team will need to work out their individual relationship. He is both leash and longline trained, does well for a Husky on shorter leads, with some reminders. He was attacked on lead by a dog (3x), now he can sometimes display reactivity behaviors, but responds great to the training work being done (we will share). He has great bite inhibition, which is great because he can be mouthy in play. He is often described as amiable. he is a gentleman for sure, and he can get all excited and goofy as well. 10k is a truly lovely dog, but not a beginner dog. His primitive and working breed mix require a savvy person. He does not respond to being commanded, but responds very well to being asked respectfully to comply with a request, just like people.
If you have any questions or would like to adopt 10k, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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