Blaze Rottweiler Adult Male in Salem, Oregon

My story
Blaze is a super sweet dog who pretty much gets along with everyone. He likes other dogs and pretty much ignores cats. I don't have kids but he has been good around any kids that we meet.He loves to play but needs some accommodations - floor level play is best or short ball throws. He loves to have the ball rolled to him so he can catch it. Balls are his favorite, but he will destroy tennis balls quickly so sturdier balls are better.He's around 4-6 years old, 70-80 lbs. He loves walks but you have to keep them short ~1/2 mile at a time is plenty. He tires easily because of the missing leg.He rides very well in the car, usually he is in the back with his bed, but as his balance gets better he is starting to stand up more.He is mostly house broken, but his family would need to work with him if they are going to leave him alone for long periods.His ideal home would be someone who can be home with him a lot and is willing to spend quiet time with him as well as short play or walk sessions. Stairs are challenging so a one story house with only a few steps in and out are best. He can use a doggie door and he goes outside, but would much rather be inside with his family. He really just wants to be loved and it is easy to do because he is like a big teddy bear.Blaze is a special "needs dog."

Three legs. Front leg amputated. Since dogs and cats tend to live in the moment and easily accept and adapt to new situations, they generally handle amputations in stride. In fact, Petful points out, pet amputations are usually more upsetting for pet parents than for the pets themselves. With the source of their pain or illness gone, animals tend to quickly adapt to losing a leg. Often, they regain full mobility in a short amount of time — though they may need help on stairs and uneven ground, as well as additional assistance as they age. But by keeping them at a healthy weight and paying special attention to joint health, you can ensure that your three-legged pet remains mobile and active well into old age. Adopting a three-legged dog information can be found at /dog-care/new-pet-parent/adopting-three-legged-pets
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Blaze, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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