Harley American Bulldog Adult Female in Salem, Oregon

My story
Community Courtesy Post. We have met this dog, but she is not in the care of Safe Dogs By The River. We offer "foster in place" placement assistance to our community. My name is Harley. I am kind of awesome. My Basic Stuff:I am a beautiful female brindle and white American Bulldog. I am about 4 years old. I am sweet, snuggly & sassy. I weigh about 65 pounds. My Medical Stuff:I am spayed, up to date on my vaccines and parasite free. I have had a check up recently and my current people are still paying the bills for my back knees! I am all good to go in the medical section. My Health Stuff:I am currently eating a base of doggy dry food with yummy toppers, and I like it okay, but I think I prefer more whole foods in my maze bowls, scatter feeding & food dispensers. I don’t seem to have allergies, I don’t get all itchy scratchy, and I am fine outside in pollen season. But, if you wanted to be sure, a Nutriscan test can tell you what my body likes to eat the best. I do love treats, and I need them to help me learn new things. My Training and Behavior Stuff:I am a good girl. I don’t tear up the house. I don’t bark and bark and bark. I can be left alone (but will need some support at first in my new home). I have all the house manners. I like to ride in the car.I walk pretty good on a front clip harness that connects me to the people (they seem to need it to feel safe), I do pull a little bit, but not bad, I just want to sniff stuff over here, over there…. I do want to chase squirrels, who doesn’t?! I can walk by other dogs, but I don’t like it if they get too close when I am out with my people on their leashes. I don’t have a lot of off leash experience, these people need to stay close to me I guess, but I know I would love to run free after you teach me (or refresh me) that coming to you is the best thing ever. I want you to feel safe before my sniffaris, so maybe we can start with a long line. I am a snuggler, I LOVE my people. Most American Bulldogs are like me that way. I do need to be the only dog, but this may change depending upon our relationship and who the other dogs are. Let me tell you a little story .... I got into some fights that I didn’t start with a dog that used to be here, it wasn't really her fault either, but that made me a bit scared, and anxious, so sometimes when things get chaotic (from my perspective), I can’t control myself and I get fussy at the dog next to me and they don’t really like that and sometimes it means we get into a fight. I don’t mean any harm, I just get too excited (over threshold). It’s called redirecting I am told, and I can change this under the right circumstances (but that may not happen). If you want me to live with other dogs, we can work on that together, I actually like other dogs.. I’m not interested in dog parks though. I also live with a chicken. Yes, one. There were 5, but sky bombers (hawks) took 4 of them, and now the chicken thinks she is a dog and wants to come live inside with us. I just ignore her, cuz she scares me to be honest. I have not lived with a cat, but I probably could. I have not lived with kids, but I do like them (older than toddler, I don’t want to knock them down or become afraid of them). Overall I am well mannered, but I am still learning, like how not to jump up, and the people helping me can tell you how if I regress a bit in the change. They can also give you lots of advice, I was told they offer a lifetime of behavior support to all adopters. And though I am not a part of the organization, they are helping my people to do what is best for me – and that could mean YOU! Is it you?(Located in Beaverton, Oregon)Adoption Fee $225
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Harley, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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