Penny English Bulldog Adult Female in Salem, Oregon

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Note from her owner: Penny is an 8 year old bulldog whose days consist of taking naps and heading out now and then to patrol the back yard (watching for squirrels or people passing by).

She loves to go on walks, and behaves best if she wears her special necklace that reminds her not to pull.

Penny has lived with our family for six years, we adopted her at age 2 from a family who’s small son turned out to be very allergic to dogs.She enjoys riding in the car and chewing on her extra tough dog bones.

She never gets a hold of anything she’s not supposed to chew (unless it is a nearly empty popcorn bowl or bag of peanut butter M&Ms – some things just can’t be resisted), but never any shoes or furniture or anything besides her toys. She knows where her toys are stored and can nudge the drawer open and pick out just the right bone for the day.She’s a bit bossy – she loves to sit with her people on the couch, on your lap if possible (she does weigh close to 60 pounds) and nudges until you start petting her. If she thinks you have forgotten dinner time, she will remind you.

If her water bowl goes dry, she will clang it around to be sure you know. She likes to sleep on the bed with a human if allowed, but will also sleep in her “room” (the laundry room) or her crate. If someone comes to the door, she will bark. She has a fierce and loud bark, but loves every person who walks through the front door.

She has pretty good manners as long as they are willing to pet her - visitors fall in love with her quickly.She is crate trained, but rarely goes in the crate anymore.

When she needs to go potty, she goes to the door and waits – unfortunately she doesn’t normally bark, so if your door is out of sight, you have to pay attention.Penny does not like cats and I would be afraid if she got a hold of one, it would have a bad outcome. She likes some dogs, but not all dogs, problem is we don’t know which dogs.

She has gotten away from us a few times and on two occasions was very aggressive toward another dog. Many other times, she has been around other dogs and gotten along fine.

For example, when we travel, she stays with a family who does in-home boarding and she gets along with all the other dogs in that setting. Because we are not sure what her reaction will be, we tend to avoid bringing her around other dogs.Penny is VERY curious about babies, their sounds and their smell. You can’t turn your back on her because she climb into whatever they are in and will lick them – a LOT.

We are very sad to be rehoming this girl, and the reason we are seeking to rehome her is that as she has aged, she has not been doing well with toddlers/pre-schoolers.

If they get in her space, she will snap at them – even if they just accidentally lean over or surprise her.

We have four grandchildren under age 4 who are with us frequently, and as much as Penny loves us and our teenage daughter, she is uneasy around the kids and has snapped at them on more than one occasion. We are concerned that these warnings could have a bad outcome as she continues to age. She should not go to a home with children under age 10.For information on how to adopt Penny, contact

Please tell us about yourself, family, home, yard, fence, other pets, working situation, vet reference, etc.

We want to make a great match.

Only inquiries providing this information will receive a response. We will not respond to questions on this page.Penny is a healthy and “young” 8-year old and will be a great addition to a home where the dog is included in.
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Penny, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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